Welcome to Nærøysund


Explore our diverse coastline – the longest coastline of all the Norwegian municipalities.

Located right in the center of the Norwegian coastline Nærøysund has a lot to offer for our visitors.

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Along our 3600 kilometers of coastline you can hike, paddle, or ride a bicycle in various surroundings and beautiful nature.

The area is superb for kayaking. Among our many islands both experts and beginners could challenge themselves in a kayak. TheNærøysund is ideal for kayaking. Explore the islands and fjords in tranquility close to the water.   area is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts. You can rent a boat and go fishing, either in the fjords or out by the sea. If you prefer to stay on land, the terrain in Nærøysund is very suitable for bicycling. If you want to take a hike in the nature there are more than 100 various hiking routes in Nærøysund. Choose between an easy walk close to the cities, a hike by the seaside or explore one of our mountains.

You can also sit down and relax or go shopping in one of our two cities: Kolvereid and Rørvik. Kolvereid holds the position Norway’s smallest city with a population of about 1700 people. Rørvik is the coastal town right in the center of the Norwegian coastline and home to about 3200 people. Both Kolvereid and Rørvik offer hotels or other sleeping accommodations and a variety of stores, cafés, and restaurants.

Kolvereid - Norway's smallest city has a variety of shops and restaurants. If you want to explore other parts of the municipality there are local stores and accommodations in several of the smaller villages of Nærøysund.

To learn more about our past and present history visit the Norveg Museum in Rørvik. They have a permanent exhibition showing life on the coast of central Norway for several thousand years. Here you can also book a trip to visit a modern aqua culture farm.  Nærøysund is one of the largest producers of Norwegian salmon.At the Norveg Museum you can explore the costal history over the last 5000 years.  

A visit to historical places like Nærøya, Sør-Gjæslingan, Abelvær or Salsbruket is also highly recommended. The old stone church at Nærøya is a unique place to visit. There are guided tours throughout the summer. The old village of Abelvær is well worth the trip – either by car or bicycle. Here you can also find one of many guest harbors in Nærøysund if you are exploring the Norwegian coast by boat.

Are you looking for a special accommodation for a couple of days, take the express boat to the old fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan. Here you can spend the night in one The old fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan takes you back in time and out to the sea. of the old fisherman cabins or even at the former home of the owner of the fishing village.

Nærøysund municipality gets its name for the Nærøysund strait. This strait is a part of the Norwegian main coastline and many ships and boats pass through every day. Among them the Costal Express – Hurtigruta. Every evening Hurtigruta calls at Rørvik harbor. These ships can take you both north and south to and from other destinations between Bergen and Kirkenes. A visit to the harbor when the ships arrive at night is recommended. The harbor lies right in the center of Rørvik.

Nærøysund’s own airport at Ryum is served by Widerøe and have several arrivals and depatures towards Trondheim every day.The old stone church at Nærøya can be visited throughout the summer   From Trondheim there are several domestic and international flights daily. This way your travel to Nærøysund can be made quick and easy.

If you are driving to Nærøysund by car you can arrive along Fv 769 from Namsos, this requires a ferry ride between Lund and Hofles. Another alternative is to take the E6 to Grong and exit at Gartland then follow Fv 775 and Fv 17 to Nærøysund. To get to Kolvereid and Rørvik follow Fv 770 after Foldereid.

A more scenic route is along Skrøyvdalsveien. Take Fv 776 from Høylandet to Salsbruket. This road takes you along some spectacular nature and through the old industrial community of Salsbruket. At the end of Fv 776 the ferry will take you to the rest of Nærøysund.



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